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Zinfandel $29

Uniquely American, this exuberant red wine is capable of producing top quality red wines that can rival Cabernet Sauvignon. It offers an array of flavors including black and red fruit, spice, pepper, tar, licorice and wood. Zinfandel [ZIN-fan-dell] is produced in three distinct styles. The first is the fresh and fruity, easy-drinking style that offers


Cabernet Franc $29

Cabernet Franc is a blue-black grape that is grown around the world, mostly for blending with other red wine grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, but also for its own varietal wines. Cabernet Franc is also commonly used for ice wines in North America. The varietal wines created from Cabernet Franc grapes is bright red


Syrah $29

Syrah grapes, produce full-bodied, long-lived, fruity wines. Syrah flavors and aromas include peppers, berries, currants, and even chocolate. Syrah grapes originated in France’s Rhone valley and their use in wines is traced back to the Romans and Greeks. Syrah is usually bottled alone as a varietal wine but can be blended with other grapes like


Merlot $27

Merlot [Mare-lo] has captured the attention of the everyday wine consumer because of its fresh, ripe fruit appeal. Merlot grapes produce components such as cherry, plum and currants with hints of cedar prominent with oak aging. It is capable of producing wines which are full bodied and lower tannins, which makes it easier to drink


Tempranillo $29

The Tempranillo (tem-prah-NEE-yoh) grape is as important to Spain as the Cabernet Sauvignon grape is to the Médoc. The great reds of Rioja and Ribera del Duero are Tempranillo based. This versatile grape is capable of yielding big, full-bodied reds with firm tannins and loads of complexity to very light and easy-drinking wine with light


Cabernet Sauvignon $29

Cabernet Sauvignon [Cah-bare-nay so-veen-yawn] is the king of the red wine grape varieties. It offers wonderful flavors consisting of blackcurrants, blackberry, chocolate, tar and leather. The beauty of this resilient red wine grape is the many different styles of wine it is capable of yielding. From the fresh, easy-drinking fruit-forward styles to the intensely big,

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