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Babydoll Southdown Sheep

At Eagles Nest Winery, we use Olde English Miniature Babydoll Southdown sheep.  They’re an ancient breed of miniature sheep with sweet, teddy bear faces. Because of their diminutive size, miniature Southdowns make outstanding weeders for use in orchards and vineyards.

Babydolls are only 24 inches tall when mature, and so can’t easily reach tree branches or trellised grapes.

Their small hooves help break the soil surface without compacting it.   Eagles Nest Winery has vineyards that are located on hillsides.  They move easily up and down hills through the vineyard row, eating the weeds.


Babydoll SheepBabydolls not only  provide an organic alternative to pesticides and expensive mowing operations, their recycled grass (manure) helps improve soil fertility as well.
Miniature Southdowns are usually white; however, there are also black (or brown) ones.

At Eagles Nest Winery, we have 4 black sheep and 6 white sheep.  They’re easy to handle and non-aggressive. They are not wanderers and do not bother fences.

Ewes are good mothers and often have twins and occasionally triplets. One of our ewes had twins and another a single sheep.

Stop by Eagles Nest Winery, the Babydolls would love for you to give them a sweet grain treat!


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